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County Executive: Randy Revelle
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(1977-1986)  Begin Date: 1977    End Date: 1986 
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This series comprises record material, mostly collected or generated by staff assistants to County Executive Randy Revelle (1981-1985), on a variety of topical issues of interest to the Revelle administration. Principal among these issues are building and land development, Green River flood control, health policy, the King County Marine Patrol, the national meeting of the National Association of Counties in Seattle (July 1984), planning studies, professional sports teams, relations with the King County Council and with other local and state governments, Superior Court and Department of Judicial Administration issues, and surface water management. Another topical area is that of farmland preservation, the county's initiative to purchase development rights to agricultural properties in King County. Maps and photographs documenting the second group of farmlands proposed for program inclusion are present in these files, along with related textual records. A list of box contents is in the series file.
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