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Park property acquisition grant files
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(1962-1966)  Begin Date: 1962    End Date: 1966 
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During the early 1960s King County actively sought to acquire properties for park and recreation purposes as a part of county and regional comprehensive planning efforts. Between 1961 and 1963, the county doubled the amount of park land under its ownership. It raised purchase monies through different means: a 1960 bond levy, state matching funds, and federal grants. This series consists of grant applications that the King County Commissioners submitted to federal agencies (the Housing and Home Finance Agency of the Urban Renewal Administration, later the Open Space Land Program of the Department of Housing and Urban Development; both administering monies through Title VII of the Housing Act of 1961) for portions of the purchase price of individual properties. Each application describes the property to be acquired and the uses to which King County wished to put the property. There is no record in this series of the outcome of the grant applications or what proportion of purchase funds may have been actually awarded. At least one application (to create a "Government Center Park" in Seattle between the King County Courthouse and Sixth Avenue) was not funded. Other park sites addressed by these applications include the Marymoor Farm property, Seahurst Park,Tolt Park (expansion), Enumclaw Park (expansion of golf course and former King County Fair site), Sammamish River Park, and Five Mile Lake Park (development from a private resort). Each application contains copies of text materials and maps. The Sammamish River Park application contains reproductions of aerial and ground photographs. This series is arranged by date of grant application. Collective title: Application for grant to acquire open-space land in the Seattle urban area. King County's park acquisition effort was continued in the late 1960s and 1970s by the Forward Thrust bond initiative.
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