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Management work papers
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County Executive: Tim Hill
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(1986-1993)  Begin Date: 1986    End Date: 1993 
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This series consists of three subseries: executive subject files (1986-1990), issue papers and work programs (1987-1993; incomplete), and departmental management files (1987-1992). 1. Executive subject files (1986-1990) contain reports, memoranda and other internal correspondence, copies of clippings, and, in some sections, Hill's own handwritten notes evaluating the progress of various projects, departments, personnel. They also contain his assessments of his own performance as County Executive. This material was originally maintained in divided loose-leaf binders. The original order of each of these notebooks was preserved as it was found. Notebook sections which contained no material at the time of processing are noted in finding aids as "Blank." This subseries is arranged by year and within each year, by a hierarchical and alphabetical ordering. 2. Issue papers and work programs (1987-1993; incomplete) contain planning reports and work programs produced by each county department. Issue papers identify key departmental projects for each year, while the Executive Work Program records appear to have been the official version of the issue papers, issued by the Executive to inform the County Council and the public about departmental projects in a given year. The records are interfiled and arranged by year. Copies of the 1986, 1987, and 1989 Executive Work Program are not present in this series but are available in the King County Documents Collection. No issue papers from 1989 are present. The 1991 issue papers also include updates, additional departmental issue papers, and "blue sky ideas." No Executive Work Program for 1992 appears to have been issued. A file of loose papers marked "1993 Work Program" combines issue papers and work programs. 3. Departmental management files (1987-1992) contain reports variously called management reports, manuals, or organization plans. They reflect the departmental structural and/or name changes that took place as reorganization occurred. Record information generally includes a management process description, a discussion of the legal framework in which the department operates, a mission statement, organizational charts, and a responsibility matrix. Also included in this subseries are records of a 1990 appraisal project in which departments were asked to evaluate each other. This subseries appears to have been arranged in approximate alphabetical order by name of department.
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