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Annual reports
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Superior Court Clerk: Juvenile Department
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(1911-1974)  Begin Date: 1911    End Date: 1974 
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Washington's superior courts were granted original jurisdiction over all juvenile cases in 1905. This series is composed of annual narrative and statistical reports of the programs and activities of King County's juvenile court from 1911 to 1974 . During this period, activities of the court included both its legal functions and its social work with delinquent and dependent youth and their families. Early reports (1911-1930) stress the court's social work by including special reports and commentaries on causative pathologies, case studies, and parental and governmental responsibilities to youth. A separate report section documented activities of the Mothers' Pension Department (1913-1937), which dispersed cash and material assistance to female-headed families with dependent children prior to the federalization of this program. Reports from this period are frequently illustrated with photographs of court and custodial facilities, building plans (1915) and personnel. No reports were apparently printed for the years 1931-1935, but statistical summaries for this period are present in the 1936 document "Heading Off Crime at the Source; the Juvenile Problem in King County, Washington, and Its Solution by Community Action." Between 1936 and 1958, reports primarily consisted of tabulated statistics. In the 1940s, data for several years were sometimes combined into one report; no report was published for 1953. Beginning in 1959, court statistics were again accompanied by narrative commentary, and sometimes by photographs and graphics. The expansion of the Youth Service Center in Seattle's Central Area, and the role of the Juvenile Court in the relocation of neighborhood residents, is reflected in reports from the 1960s. The court's social work programs were largely transferred to county executive departments after 1974. Reports in this series are arranged chronologically. Reports for 1911-1919 and 1922-1930 are bound together. Unbound duplicate reports are present for report years 1914 and 1929.
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