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Grant files
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Seattle-King County Department of Public Health: Prevention Division / HIV-AIDS Program
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(1985-2000)  Begin Date: 1985    End Date: 2000 
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This series documents grant project activities of the AIDS Prevention Unit and the Community AIDS Services Unit, Seattle-King County Department of Public Health, between 1985 and 1997. It is divided into subseries by type of funding source: federal government, state government, local government, and private (foundation and organizational) sources. Record types for all subseries include applications, correspondence, memoranda, studies, brochures and data reports.

The federal subseries consists principally of records of two large grant projects: (1) Community Based Demonstration Project for AIDS Prevention and Risk Reduction in King County (1985-1994), funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC); and (2) Control AIDS Through Community Health Outreach Now Project (CATCH-ON; 1988-1992) funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The CDC project covered research, intervention, and evaluation processes for the study of various risk groups. The NIDA project promoted community organizing in Seattle neighborhoods and among community groups such as People of Color Against AIDS Network (POCAAN) among others.

The state subseries contains files about Washington State AIDS Omnibus funding.

The local projects subseries consists primarily of grant applications submitted to the Community AIDS Services Unit for appraisal by the Health Department based on priorities for programs set by the HIV/AIDS Planning Council.

The subseries for privately-funded projects includes files for those sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the U. S. Conference of Mayors which address health services and outreach to risk groups. A few miscellaneous project files are also present.
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