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Correspondence files
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Seattle-King County Department of Public Health: Prevention Division / HIV-AIDS Program
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(1986-1997)  Begin Date: 1986    End Date: 1997 
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Scope :
This series contains incoming and outgoing correspondence of staff members of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health. The bulk of records are those of Robert (Bob) Wood, M.D., Director of AIDS Control. They include letters, memoranda, invitations, articles, dockets, reports and background documents concerning legislation, committee memberships, grants, procedures, programs and proposals. Correspondents include health department staff, government officials, legislators, citizens, complainants, and representatives of educational institutions and community agencies. Record material containing personally identifiable health or patient information has been redacted. The series is arranged by name of Health Department representative (Wood correspondence filed first) and chronologically under each name. A file about communication with print media representatives is present at the end of the series.
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