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Title :
Bridge files
Agency Name :
Road Engineer
Series :
Bridge files
Series No. :
Reference ID :
Date(s) :
(1914-1951)  Begin Date: 01-01-1914    End Date: 12-31-1951 
Level :
Container Type :
Physical Description :
textual materials, drawings
Legacy No. :
Contains :
368B May Creek Bridge, Morrison Trestle [34-24-5]
359A and 359B Granite Creek Bridge [10-23-9]
427I Cherry Creek Bridge on S Hibble Road [17-26-7]
480A Bear Creek [30-26-6]
493B Issaquah Creek Bridge on Jas E McDonald Road [15-23-6]
493C Fifteen Mile Creek-Issaquah Creek [15-23-6]
506A Money Creek [28-26-11]
509A Baring Bridge over Lowe Creek, tributary to Skykomish River [2-26-10]
578A Evans Creek [17-25-6; 18-25-6]
593C over May Creek at Coalfield [11-23-5; 12-23-5]
615A Smith Parker Bridge over Raging River [22-24-7]
617B Edgewick Bridge over the South Fork Snoqualmie River [25-23-8; 30-23-9]
682A Preston Bridge over Raging River on A Lovegren Road [33-24-7]
891A Kimball Creek Bridge: bridge replacement [31-24-8]
896A Rock Creek Bridge, Kerriston Bridge [11-22-7]
3179 14th Avenue S Bridge, 16th Avenue S Bridge, South Park Bridge: lock repairs [32-24-4]
3179 14th Avenue S Bridge, 16th Avenue S Bridge, South Park Bridge: blue prints [32-24-4]
909B Kimball Creek [16-23-8]
916A [29-25-7]
920A on A W Ronnei Road [11-24-7]
927B over Patterson Creek on 300th Avenue SE [8-24-7]
952A Evans Creek Bridge, Happy Valley Creek, on Union Hill Road [6-25-6; 7-25-6]
952B Happy Valley Creek [7-25-6; 8-25-6]
952C Happy Valley Creek [7-25-6; 8-25-6]
999K2 Scenic Bridge over Tye River [29-26-13]
3179 16th Avenue S Bridge, 14th Avenue S Bridge: circuit breaker
999L Martin Creek [25-26-12]
999W Miller River Bridge [28-26-11]
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