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Title :
Fallout shelter records
Record Group :
Public Safety, Department of: Seattle-King County Office of Civil Defense
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Series Date(s) :
1962-1968  Begin Date: 1962    End Date: 1968 
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Scope :
During the Cold War era of the mid-twentieth century, national, state and local governments cooperated in identifying and preparing spaces in public and residential buildings which could be used as shelter in case of a nuclear attack. The Seattle-King County Office of Civil Defense (under the King County Department of Public Safety, 1969-1972) served as the local government liaison with state and federal civil defense agencies. The records in this series are copies of state and federal documents prepared using local data, and returned to local authorities for their reference and use. They consist of records of the National Fallout Survey (Phases 1 and 2), and additional facility sketches and state reports. National Fallout Shelter Survey (Phase 1) records, 1962. Records comprise King County's copy of National Bureau of Standards Report 7418. The report is present in two parts: Summary A, Standard Location and County (for each tract, shows area population, shelter capacity, and total buildings); and Tract Reports (arranged alphabetically by tract, record information includes shelter location, identification information, use if any as a school, owner, physical vulnerability to nuclear attack, year built, survey method, and protection factor [PF] code). National Fallout Shelter Survey (Phase 2) records, 1968. County copy of record sent to the Office of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C. Record information includes name of structure and address; identification information; number of storeys existing spaces; assessment of shielding, ventilation, and electrical power needs and sources; shelter dimensions; average mass; and distance to center of shelter from its peripheries. Additional facility sketches and state reports, 1967-1968. Records include (1) seventeen sheaves of photocopied shelter floor plans, plus records for "non-qualified" buildings; and (2) computer printouts prepared for the local King County agency by the Washington State Department of Civil Defense, Community Shelter Planning Office. Record information may include name and address of shelter, identification information, protection factor, amount of space, ventilation improvements needed, license date, and stocked spaces (i.e., with survival supplies). Two reports are concerned with radioactive fallout protection in homes.
Physical Description :
6 records cartons (6.90 cubic feet) of textual materials and plans.
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