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Marriage returns
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County Auditor
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(1891-1947)  Begin Date: 1891    End Date: 1947 
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The marriage return was used to collect personal and statistical information on marriages. The form was completed by the wedding officiator and filed with the County Auditor after the marriage. Between 1891 and 1893, the forms were required to be returned within thirty days of the ceremony. Starting in 1893, the forms were returned required to be returned five days of the ceremony. The forms from 1891-1909 were usually labeled "Marriage Return" and included the date of the marriage, the place of the marriage, the date of the license, the name and official station of the officiator, the names and residences of the witnesses and the name, age, race, number of marriages, residence, birthplace (state or foreign country), occupation and names of parents for both the bride and groom. Beginning in 1909, a new form was introduced titled "Certificate of Marriage" and the forms included the same information as well as the license number, the parents' places of birth, and the signature of the bride, groom, witnesses and officiator. Both the "Certificate of Marriage" form and the "Marriage Return" form continued to be used after 1909. Records appear to be extensive from 1891-1915 and sparse from 1916-1947. Returns from 1891 to 1927 are organized numerically by the return number. Records from 1927 to 1947 were never numbered and are organized by year. Records from 1891 to 1927 can be searched using the Register of Marriage Returns, Series 1134, which indexes the returns by male's name only. Records from 1927 to 1947 were originally interfiled with the marriage certificates and were never indexed. These records were transferred to the King County Archives from the Recorder's Office.
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